"If an individual has a calm state of mind, that person's attitudes and views will be calm and tranquil even in the presence of great agitation"  ~~~
HH The Dalai Lama

Meditation Classes

Learn to meditate in the tranquillity of the private meditation garden.




This 4-week meditation course runs for one and a half hours one morning a week (during the summer months) and will teach participants techniques for clearing and disciplining the mind. From an Eastern philosophy the concepts of meditation will be explained and the journey to your “higher self” will be explored.  

The Higher Self ~~~The Higher Self can be explained as the highest point of consciousness within the soul.

The Focus of the meditation practice is on two Buddhist Meditation techniques - Sati "Mindfulness of Breathing" helping you to calm your mind and "Metta Bhavana" helping you develop loving kindness towards others & yourself.

Meditation is a mental discipline or "training of the mind".  The untrained mind can be likened to a stormy sea thrashing about aimlessly.  Beneath this turbulence, there is calm & like the sea, our minds can become calm beneath the constant "mind chatter". Through the practice of daily meditation we can train our mind to be still & find inner tranquality.

"Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes"

Carl Jung



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